Welcome to Day 3 of the “You Are A Broke Blogger Because…” series. This series is meant for anyone who is currently blogging and finding themselves frustrated because they are not making any money and it seems like what “everyone says” they should do just isn't working!

This series is also for you if you are thinking about starting a blog. Reading this will help you to start your site off on the right foot, and you won't have to wonder later why you aren't making any money!

I bring you these posts/emails from the perspective of someone who has been blogging for over five years and has made millions of dollars in the process. I credit most of my initial and ongoing success to the fact that I didn't “know” all of the rules there were about blogging. I was able to “just do it” and not spend so much time trying to be perfect and do things the right way! 

Even today I don't do things “the right way.” I've found that too many of the people teaching us how to make money blogging aren't actually making money blogging at all (in fact, they are broke blogger's too).

My goal is to help you keep it simple and make some money in the process.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why you are not making money from your blog? You follow all of the "rules" but still don't seem to be making headway! In this series I share with you some of the most common reasons I see bloggers struggling to make money and how to fix it! Up today, the free option that is killing your blog!You Are A Broke Blogger Because…You Want Everything For FREE

We've all heard the saying “It takes money to make money,” right?  So why then when starting a blogging BUSINESS (you know, something you want to MAKE MONEY FROM) do we try to find every possible alternative to the things we need for free.  Instead of just getting the product/service that we REALLY need?

You Don't Need A Bunch Of Stuff To Get Started

One of the great things about starting a blog is that it really doesn't cost all that much money to get started, right?  Now, it obviously doesn't just cost $2.95 like many people tout…But overall you can have a great blog set up with just a couple hundred dollars up front (domain, a year of hosting, a theme).  That's pretty much all you HAVE to have in the very beginning.

Of course, there are some other things that are NICE to have, but most of them can be added as you progress through your blogging journey.

Start With What You Really Want In The Beginning

Once you have the basics covered and your site is up and running, there are a few things that you really should get soon.  Many people will try to find the cheapest (or free) alternative to the really good ones with the intention of just switching when they are ‘making money.'

I see this the most when it comes to email service providers!

Why use something awesome like ConvertKit when you can get MailChimp for FREE?!?  They may not have the awesome features like ConvertKit (or any of the other premium services), but it will “do” for now.

The problem with the ‘switch later' mentality is that you will end up spending so much time and effort switching later and it really complicates things.

I switched email service providers a few years into my blog, and it was a PROCESS!  I was switching because I needed features that weren't available where I was (and I wasn't even with a cheap/free option).  So I spent about a week getting the new service set up just right.

But, you know what I lost in the process?  All of the analytics I had on the previous service's system.  All of the old emails I had written over the YEARS.  And the time it took me to switch.

Email is a pretty big example because it is something that you pay for monthly.  But, it's not just email services that this is happening with.

In the blogging industry I see:  social media management tools, themes, hosting, membership platforms, etc.

All of these things will cost money (and sometimes a whole lot of it) to switch later.  If I wanted to switch themes at this point in my business, it would cost me around $10,000.  Same to change membership platforms (and trust me I've thought about it!).

Do you have something you really want, but won't do it since it costs money?

Eventually, People Will Be Asking For What You Have…But For FREE

This is the worst!  You work really hard to provide great value and service to your readers and then BAM, they start looking for the FREE alternative!  Sound familiar?

I see this all the time in my business.  “I really want to sell on Amazon, but I can't afford your class, where can I go to get the information for free?”  And I just want to scream “You get what you pay for!”

Look…I got this email THIS week! (I blurred parts out for privacy purposes)

How would that make you feel?  They know I have a great course, but would like my opinion on something that is free instead…

I feel like people who are looking for free alternatives are not taking their business seriously.  They aren't willing to put themselves first or believe in themselves enough to put their money on it.  If there is a bet you should be willing to take, it's a bet on yourself.

If you are always looking for everything for free, do you plan to always OFFER everything for free?

If you want people to eventually PAY you (or buy from your links or whatever), you should really start paying for things too.

Your Readers (Or Potential Clients) Will Notice

I really started paying attention to people asking for things for free when I saw people I considered working with doing it.  I was in a forum and had been watching a service provider for a while.  Then it happened…She said “I need a client management system, but I don't want to pay monthly for it.  Any great free programs?”

Immediately that told me three things.

1. She was cheap

2. She didn't have clients

3. I didn't want to be her guinea pig client

Ok, so look at that.  Three very harsh judgments just from one simple question!  But we know it happens every day right?  She very well may not be cheap.  She very well may have a bunch of clients.  She may not need a guinea pig, and is really skilled already!

But, I will never know because her asking for the free alternative made me think she didn't take her business serious enough to put money into it.

This Isn't Fake It Till You Make It

I'm not saying that you should spend money so that people think you are making money.  I am simply saying you should spend on the things that your business really needs.

Don't pay $1,000's of dollars a month for things just so other marketers think you've made it.  But spend the $49 on a plugin if it is going to make your life and running your business easier!

Take Action

I would like to challenge you to really think about something that you have been really wanting in your business but haven't done it because you are looking for a free alternative.  Now, if it's less than $50 I dare you just to buy it and then put it into action!

See if that < $50 purchase can help you MAKE $50 in your business this month.

When you finish (or are still thinking about it), come back and add a let us know what you decided to pull the trigger on!