Welcome to Day 1 of the “You Are A Broke Blogger Because…” series. This series is meant for anyone who is currently blogging and finding themselves frustrated because they are not making any money and it seems like what “everyone says” they should do just isn't working!

This series is also for you if you are thinking about starting a blog. Reading this will help you to start your site off on the right foot and you won't have to wonder later why you aren't making any money!

I bring you these posts / emails from the perspective of someone who has been blogging for over 5 years and has made millions of dollars in the process. I credit most of my initial and ongoing success to the fact that I didn't “know” all of the rules there were about blogging. I was able to “just do it” and not spend so much time trying to be perfect and do things the right way! 

Even today I don't do things “the right way”. I've found that too many of the people teaching us how to make money blogging aren't actually making money blogging at all (in fact, they are broke blogger's too).

My goal is to help you keep it simple and make some money in the process.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why you are not making money from your blog? You follow all of the "rules" but still don't seem to be making headway! In this series I share with you some of the most common reasons I see bloggers struggling to make money and how to fix it! Up today, putting your sites topic to the passion test! If you got in for the money and can't stand the topic, it's probably why you are a broke blogger.You Are A Broke Blogger Because…You Are Not Passionate About Your Blog's Topic

Sometimes people get so caught up in the bright lights and shiny Pinterest graphics surrounding the blogging industry that they choose a topic for their blog simply because it seems like a profitable topic.  This is a HUGE mistake!  And if you fell into this trap, don't worry!  It's never too late to just start over or change directions.

If you choose a topic just because it seems profitable and you have no passion, or even worse, no experience with it, you are doomed for failure (sorry, too blunt?).

Sadly, I've seen it over and over again throughout the years.

Starting A Blog Because Someone Else Is Making Money At It

I have seen countless people start blogs about “selling on Amazon” (the industry where I have been passionately blogging for over 5 years) with the sole intent of making an Amazon course or being an affiliate marketer for other Amazon courses.

And, I'm not saying that starting a blog to create courses or share other people's information is BAD…In fact, I believe you absolutely SHOULD be thinking about those things from the get-go and we will talk about them more in the series.

But, the problem I see is that people who are not even SELLING on Amazon get into the industry just because they see people (sometimes I feel to blame for this, but that may be giving myself too much credit) making a lot of money in the “How to sell on Amazon” industry.

This does not just apply to the Amazon industry either.  It is across the board.  Whenever a topic appears to be profitable it will be flooded with people who have dollar signs in their eyes trying to make it work for them too.  All industries are subject to this mess:  How to Blog, Creating Online Courses, Meal Planning, Organizing, Parenting, Being a Good Wife, etc.

They Make Money BECAUSE They Are Passionate About It

You see, the people who others are looking up to as their “reason for choosing a topic” are usually (I would like to say always) the people who started in that topic because it was THEIR passion!  And that my friend is WHY they became so successful.

Others who want to start a blog look at them and think “If she can do it, then so can I”.

No Passion Leads To Burnout

Then, a few months (or maybe a year) later, the blog is no longer creating content and eventually, the domain just expires.

I mean it shouldn't really be a surprise because how can you sustain something that you know nothing about or don't care about?

Let's look into this deeper.

Three Reasons Blogs Without Passion Fail

There are a few reasons I think this happens…and none of them have anything to do with the blogging industry not being profitable.

You Are Sharing The Same Ol Things Everyone Else Is Sharing

1. If you are blogging about a topic that you have no personal experience with, you are just regurgitating the same old information that everyone else is saying in the industry.  People want to follow leaders.  People who have something new to say and new ways of doing things.

When you are not an expert (or even knowledgeable) about what you are talking about, people can tell.  They know when you are faking it!  And no matter what others may say “Fake it till you make it” just doesn't cut it in the real world.

Eventually, people realize that no one is actually DOING what is being taught…And they will find their own way.

The exception to this is when you are sharing from the perspective of “watch me do this thing” and not from the perspective of “I'm an expert”.

You Get Bored Before You Become Profitable

2. If you are blogging about a topic that you are not passionate about, you are bound to get burnt out.  It's hard to talk about something that you could care less about.

I often tell people they will know what they should blog about when they have something they want to talk about day in and day out.

Now, don't take this to mean that I think you should ONLY talk about one topic for the rest of your life!  That is not it at all.  But, the first months of blogging can be pretty lonely and let's be honest, not profitable!  So, if you are talking about something that bores you, saying it to no one will convince you it's time to pull the plug!

The Grass Is Always Greener In Another Niche

3.  If you are blogging about something simply because you think it is going to be profitable, there will always be something ELSE that looks easier / more profitable to talk about.  So, you will constantly find yourself jumping from one topic to another hoping that something will stick.

But, I believe that NOTHING will stick until you start to just open up and talk about something that you actually care about!

It's Time To Find Your Actual Passion!

I challenge you to really step back from your blog for a moment and ask yourself if you really care about the topic you are blogging about?  Be honest with yourself about why you started your blog in the first place.

If you feel like you are in an industry for the wrong reason, it's ok to step back and re-evaluate.  Especially if you aren't making any money!

Now, I'm not saying to throw in the towel right now.  Maybe you just need to shift a little.  Maybe you need to expand your topics to include more.   Maybe you need to give yourself some creative freedom to be different than “everyone else”.


Maybe you do need to just completely switch things up.

I've been there!  Having one really profitable business makes it easier for me to “try new things”, but if I am not as passionate as I thought I was, I will quickly step back and change direction or drop it completely.

Blogging Is A Business Built Around Passion

You need both passion and business sense to make money from it!

Stay tuned for the next posts in the “You Are A Broke Blogger Because…” series where I will get more into monetizing and the other reasons you may not be making money from your site like you think you should be.

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Let me know in the comments below if you choose your topic based on passion or based on dollar signs (if you are willing to be that honest with a stranger).  I would love to know what you decide to do moving forward!