Have you ever looked at bloggers selling ebooks for $7-$77 and wondered how they did it? In this guide I share with you exactly how I quickly put together ebooks and sell them on my blog. Over the last 6 years, I've made multiple six-figures from ebooks alone. You can do this!

Ebooks That Sell – Writing, Creating & Selling Your Very Own Ebooks

Hey there!

Are you a blogger who has built up an audience of people who love and trust you?  And now, you are ready to step up your game and create a digital product that provides you with passive income for years to come?

Or, maybe you have people BEGGING you to share more information with them about how you do XYZ and are running out of time in the day to explain the same thing over and over!  Trust me, I've been there.  I spent a couple of years teaching people how to sell on Amazon, one on one (for free), before I ever created a training to show the masses how to do it.

How I Got Started Selling Ebooks

I created my first digital training back in 2013.  It was an ebook, called “Liquidation Gold.”  The book is all about a strategy that helped my husband, and I grow our Amazon business with very little capital and huge profit margins.  Any time I would talk about how we sourced products, people were very intrigued and had many questions.

I spent a lot of time answering the same questions over and over again for people.  At the time, I really didn’t mind.  In fact, I loved to talk about what we were doing.  But, I realized that many people had the same questions about the subject, and I was the one with the answers.  If only there were a way to share the information with more people all at once!

A friend of mine, Debra Conrad, suggested to me that I write an ebook about the topic of sourcing liquidation products to resell on Amazon.  The idea really intrigued me, but to be totally honest I had NO IDEA how it would work, or if it would really make any money.

I wasn't a writer by any means and didn’t even have a huge following online.  In fact, I still don't consider myself a “writer.”  I don't know all of the grammar rules and live by spell check.  

When I wrote that first ebook, I had been blogging about selling on Amazon for about 7 months already, so I did have a small email list.  I was also very active in a few Facebook groups for Amazon sellers, so my strategy was familiar to a lot of people who sold on Amazon (my ideal market for an ebook like that).

I Was Willing To Take A Risk, And It Paid Off Big Time

Deciding to take the advice of my friend and not having a clue about the possibilities I set out on my way to write an ebook.

I remember telling her “I don’t even have any idea how to turn a word document into a PDF and make it look good.”  Her reply to that was, “Just write it, and we can figure out the rest later!”

So, now, I will take a quick moment to say THANK YOU to Debra for pushing me along and shedding light on something that has completely and forever changed the course of my families lives.

To date, that ebook Liquidation Gold has sold over $100,000 worth of digital copies and set me on the path to creating over 15 different online trainings.  All because I saw the success that came with that FIRST ebook.  It was the stepping stone to a 7-figure business.

The great thing about an ebook like that is it is almost entirely passive income.

I did the work upfront to create the guide, and to this day, it still sells copies every month organically.

Now I'm Sharing All The Ebook Writing Strategies I've Learned With You!

I've now been selling ebooks and video trainings for over 4 years, and have made millions of dollars in the process.  But, it all got started with that one little ebook!  It was the thing that opened my eyes to the potential of creating digital products!

If you are anything like I was in the beginning, you just wish there was a step by step guide you could follow to get your first ebook written and selling, right?

You see other people being successful, so it can't be THAT HARD…

You've got the information that people are BEGGING for, you just need to make it available in a way that people can pay you for it and consume it easily.

While creating an ebook is definitely an involved process, it doesn't have to be as scary as some of these monster course creation products would lead you to believe. Having purchased some of your other courses in the past, I love the fact that you are a “path of least resistance” kind of gal. 🙂 You don't overcomplicate things and you show us how we can do things for ourselves. – Sarah G

Sales History For Liquidation Gold Since 2013

This is the sales report for that first ebook, Liquidation Gold.  I started selling it in May of 2013, just 7 months after starting my blog.  As you can see, I sold over $30,000 in that first year, and since then have sold over $100,000 on just that ONE ebook!  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Since then, I have created over 15 different trainings and have sold over 4 million dollars worth of courses.

Some People I've Shared My Secrets With:

Jessica has a brilliant business mind and has the course creation and promotion process down to a science. Her wisdom and advice have helped me market my courses more effectively and improve my sales funnels, ultimately increasing my income. She has taught me so much, and I am so grateful for her willingness to share what she’s learned from growing her own successful business.

Abby Lawson

Blogger, Just A Girl And Her Blog

When I first starting thinking about building a website to sell eBooks, courses and coaching, the first person I contacted was Jessica Larrew. She saved me hours and hours of time showing me what I needed to do to get started. From the tools I needed to use, and the mindset I needed to cultivate, Jessica helped my website get off to a strong start. Not only did Jessica help me get started, but she helped me along the way with advice, tips, tricks, and the right shortcuts that have helped me create a website where I have sold to thousands of satisfied customers.

Stephen Smotherman

Blogger, Full Time FBA

For awhile, I thought about creating a product. I’ve wanted to diversify my income for years, but creating a course seemed intimidating. Jessica gave me the push I needed to create a course, as well as great advice and tips. I’ve now earned nearly 6 figures from my course in just two months, and I attribute a lot of that to Jessica!

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner

Blogger, Making Sense Of Cents

The Money From Writing Ebooks Can Be Life Changing

Before I created that first ebook, life was going well.  We were already making six-figures and working from home.  I had no idea what was to come, and so glad I went with it!

Almost 5 years later, we were able to pay cash for a house in California and get to live life in a way I would have never imagined.  What was good already, got even better!

I have stepping out in faith and writing that first ebook to thank.

I would love to share this opportunity with you too.

Now Introducing: Ebooks That Sell – Writing, Creating & Selling Your Very Own Ebooks

In this guide, I will walk you through the entire process of writing, creating and selling your very first ebook.

All delivered in an easy to read and apply format.  I keep my guides completely fluff free!  I want you to be able to read the guide and then take action ASAP.

I've even got some awesome worksheets to help you keep your thoughts in order as you move through the guide.

Jessica’s guide is a great step-by-step tutorial and takes away the overwhelm surrounding the idea of creating a profitable ebook training. She has a way of making things simple and easy to follow. The guide answered so many questions I had, from how to format an ebook to how to publish it, promote it and collect payment. Just a few days after going through the materials, my own ebook is well underway and I feel confident that I’m creating something of value and quality for my readers and myself. I’m also confident I can finally finish this thing! I will be using this guide as a reference for a long, long time. – Karin C

10 Things You Will Know By The End Of This Ebook

  1. How to decide exactly what you should be teaching in your first ebook.
  2. Why I recommend starting with ebooks vs. creating “signature courses”.
  3. How to know exactly what to include in your ebook.
  4. How to plan and outline your content before you get started creating.
  5. Easy ways to quickly write the content for your ebook.
  6. Coming up with a name and pricing for your guide.
  7. Creating a sales page and getting testimonials for your ebook.
  8. How to “host” your ebook and take payments from your customers.
  9. How to promote your ebook via your own audience, as well as getting in front of new audiences.
  10. How to set up an awesome affiliate program.

I found the steps that you laid out to be very thorough. I started reading this guide assuming I already knew all the steps. I was wrong. This guide will help anyone who is wanting to write an ebook avoid the pitfalls most people run into when doing it on their own.  Jessica lays it out in a way that I can understand. I am not a writer by trade so having a guide like this, written the way she does, is very effective. – John H

Who This Guide Is For:

I have created this training for all of you bloggers who have been creating awesome content and building up a following.  You've got people who already love (or at least respect) you online.  You are ready to put in the effort to get your first training out the door so you can start generating some passive income!

And Let's Not Forget About The BONUS Workbook!

I am a very hands-on person when it comes to creating my ebooks and training so I've put together a workbook that will give you a place to keep track of your tasks, ideas and more.

You can easily print them out and get to brainstorming.

The workbook covers:

  • Course content checklist
  • Getting your ebook ready to sell checklist
  • Setting up your sales process checklist
  • Your ebook promotion checklist
  • Choosing your perfect topic worksheet
  • Preparation worksheet
  • Survey response tracker
  • FAQ tracker
  • Testimonial tracker
  • Competition analysis worksheet
  • Resources list tracker
  • Guest blog post wishlist & tracker
  • Affiliate wishlist & tracker
  • Podcast wishlist & tracker

And As An Extra Special Bonus!  3 Of My Personal Swipe Files

You will also get access to the templates that I have successfully used to get accepted as a podcast guest, guest blogger and for grabbing new affiliates!

You would be surprised at some of the emails I get from people wanting to do one of the above.  They go right into the trash!  These templates will help you make the right impression with anyone you are making contact with!

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Have you ever looked at bloggers selling ebooks for $7-$77 and wondered how they did it? In this guide I share with you exactly how I quickly put together ebooks and sell them on my blog. Over the last 6 years, I've made multiple six-figures from ebooks alone. You can do this!

**This course comes with a 30-day no questions asked guarantee.  So, you've got nothing to worry about!**