Welcome to Day 2 of the “You Are A Broke Blogger Because…” series. This series is meant for anyone who is currently blogging and finding themselves frustrated because they are not making any money and it seems like what “everyone says” they should do just isn't working!

This series is also for you if you are thinking about starting a blog. Reading this will help you to start your site off on the right foot and you won't have to wonder later why you aren't making any money!

I bring you these posts / emails from the perspective of someone who has been blogging for over 5 years and has made millions of dollars in the process. I credit most of my initial and ongoing success to the fact that I didn't “know” all of the rules there were about blogging. I was able to “just do it” and not spend so much time trying to be perfect and do things the right way! 

Even today I don't do things “the right way”. I've found that too many of the people teaching us how to make money blogging aren't actually making money blogging at all (in fact, they are broke blogger's too).

My goal is to help you keep it simple and make some money in the process.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever wondered why you are not making money from your blog? You follow all of the "rules" but still don't seem to be making headway! In this series I share with you some of the most common reasons I see bloggers struggling to make money and how to fix it! Up today, are you actually putting any ways to MAKE MONEY out there on your site?! I see many bloggers wonder where the money is, but there is not a single way for them to actually make money from their site.You Are A Broke Blogger Because…You Don't Monetize Your Content!

If you don't monetize your content it seems like a pretty “duh” reason for being a broke blogger, right?

But the truth is MANY new bloggers do not think about monetizing their site for a LONG time!

One of the reasons is they've been told the lie that if you monetize all of your content then readers will not come back or people will think you are in it just for the money.

You Should Be In It For The Money

Well, friend…If you are reading this, then you ARE in it for money (but, hopefully, that isn't the ONLY reason). Because you most likely got into this blogging business to make some money!

So, if you don't monetize, how will you actually meet that goal of making money from your blog?

You see, I believe that almost every piece of content could (and should) be monetized in some way. A lot of people say that you want your readers to keep “coming back”, but a lot of times people will actually just come to you for ONE ARTICLE. So, if that ONE POST isn't monetized, you miss out on the opportunity that reader presented you with!

Write Content You Care About And THEN Monetize It

When you are first getting started it is important to just get comfortable writing for people on the internet. So, don't write posts based on how you can monetize them, monetize posts based on what you already wrote about! I recommend that after you write each post, you read it back to yourself and try and find at least ONE WAY that you could monetize that post.

And let's be honest, these original posts probably aren't going to make much money (if any at all) but the opportunity for them to do so is there! Most importantly, you are getting comfortable adding monetization opportunities to your posts.

These Things Will Help You Monetize ANY Post You Write

Here are three ways that you could potentially monetize any post (about any topic):

Offer A Service

1. Offer a Done For You service relating to what you are writing about. If you are writing a post about how to create Pinterest graphics, what if you also offered a service where you would create a package of Pinterest graphics for the reader?

Done For You services may not be in your long-term' blogging strategy because they are very hands-on (and ultimately not passive), but they are a great way to monetize your site from the start.

See how actually being knowledgeable and passionate about your topic goes hand in hand with being able to monetize your site?

If you don't have any personal experience with your topic, you can't offer a Done For You service, because you wouldn't actually be able to do it for someone else!

Recommend A Book That Can Be Found On Amazon

2. Add an Amazon Affiliate link to a book relating to the topic you just wrote about. There are millions of books on Amazon! If you can find one book that will give your reader further The Bloggers Guide To Rocking The Amazon Affiliate Programinformation and help them take what you just talked about to the next level, you can give them that opportunity through an affiliate link.

One of the great things about the Amazon Associates program is you will get a commission on ANYTHING that reader purchases within 24 hours after clicking your link. So, you may be sending them to a book about getting their toddler to sleep through the night and end up getting a commission on a $500 toddler bed!

It is always fun to look through my affiliate earnings and seeing what types of things people end up purchasing that I get credit for. Once, I got a $400 commission when someone purchased a 3D printer! Yes, $400 commission on something I know NOTHING about and never even mentioned.

See all of my strategies for using the Amazon Affiliate Program to earn almost $1,000/month passively in this guide.

Recommend Related Products / Services / Courses

3. Add a recommendation to another related product/service/course using an affiliate link. This is very similar to the second way of monetizing, but instead of linking just to a book, you can link to ANY related product on Amazon or to someone else's product/service related to what you are talking about.

After you write a post, go through it and then turn to Google to see if there are any courses that could take the reader a step further.

Or, if you are writing about a topic where you are sharing how to do something, link to all of the tools/supplies that you use, using Amazon affiliate links.

Talking about something that others have created full courses about? See if that course has an affiliate link and send your readers to them to learn more!

Michelle from Making Sence Of Cents makes over $100,000/month almost exclusively from affiliate programs.  She shares her tips in the guide: Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing.

Don't Be Afraid To Start Slowly

These 3 ways of monetizing your posts are very simple! Did you notice that I'm not recommending that you create an online course or write an ebook from day 1? I want to see you making money from the beginning before you spend weeks or months creating a course.

Trust me, I think that creating online courses is the BEST way to make money from a site…I just don't think it's the FIRST way to make money from your site 🙂

Take Action

I would like to challenge you to take a look at your top (or favorite) post and see which of the three methods above you can apply to that post.  And do it right now!  Open your site dashboard and click edit on that post.  Add at least one monetization opportunity for that post…

When you finish, come back and add a link to the post and tell us what you changed/added to the post to monetize it!