Are you ready to finally start making money from your website?

Blogging as a way to earn an income is a big dream for a lot of people.  We see people like Kimra Luna and Pat Flynn and wonder, “Why can't that be me?”

Well, friend, I've got good news for you!

Over 6 years ago, back in October 2012, I started a blog to share about how I was making a full-time income selling on Amazon.  I simply wanted a place to tell stories of what was going on and give some tips to my friends who were curious about how I was working from home.

I wasn't an ‘expert' and I didn't even have big dreams of being a millionaire!  I just needed a place to talk about selling on Amazon, since I was talking about it in real life All.The.Time!

Guess what?!?

In less than a year, I had established myself as an expert in a niche that people were very curious about!  I started a group coaching group and created my first digital product that year.  Oh…and…I made six-figures “blogging” that year!  (I say “blogging” in quotes, because the blog is the medium where people found me, but it isn't necessarily what brought the money)

Holy Crap!

Getting that amount of income from writing and teaching things that I was really passionate about, opened my eyes to what was really possible.

In less than 4 years of having my website, I have generated over $4,225,000.  That's over FOUR MILLION dollars!

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging because believe me, I'm not.

I just feel like I have to share the real deets with you so that you know where I'm coming from.

Unfortunately, this is an industry full of people who believe wholeheartedly in “Fake It Till You Make It” and I'm ready to bust through that crap.  If you decide you want to work with me, I want you to know that I've already been where you are wanting to go (unless of course you want to get to 8 figures, then I've still got some work to do).

So friend, now that you know a little about me…I can't wait to know more about you!

Hang out for awhile 🙂

Some Fun Facts About Blogger Jess (and family)

  1. I married my “high school sweetheart” and have never regretted it!  2018 marked 13 years for us.
  2. I believe that family is the friends you choose to keep around for the long term.
  3. I love to bargain shop for everything, except for flights, then I will splurge and go first class!
  4. I usually only wear one piece of jewelry, my wedding ring.
  5. Although I have pretty long hair, I prefer to wear it up…All.The.Time.
  6. We started homeschooling Aiden in 2016 and are loving it so far.
  7. We foreclosed on our first home after I was laid off and starting a new business.
  8. We paid CASH for our second home in 2017!
  9. We have always tried to live debt free, except now we use credit cards for rewards point to shop free at Costco (at least 1 trip a year).
  10. I had a fear of flying for awhile, and now I fly all over the place for business and leisure.
  11. I also suffered from panic attacks for years, and couldn't explain them.   They have since gone away after doing some internal work.
  12. I've made more in some weeks than I did in a year at my last “regular” job.
  13. I always try to see the best in other people, even when they've done me wrong.
  14. I went to Fiji on a missions trip when I was 19 and would love to go back.
  15. I like my  house better than most hotels and vacation spots…
  16. Except for Disneyland.  I love Disneyland!