You Can Create Your Own Blog That Looks Professionally Built, Without The High Price Tag!

I Will Walk You Through The Entire Process...As If We Were Sitting Down At The Computer Together


…And your website can be finished in 30 days or less!

If you've wanted to have a website where you can share your story and create an income stream, but have gotten frustrated at the cost of a “fancy website designer” or all of the tech that goes into building a website yourself, have I got a solution for you!

Even if you feel like you have zero “tech skills” and don't even know what “WordPress” is, you can still have your own slice of the virtual pie, where you can share your expertise and be ready to generate an income.

You Can Build A Blog Without Spending $1,000's On A Designer Or Feeling Frustrated With The Process

I can make this promise to you because…

The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge takes all of the guesswork out of building a website yourself and puts the whole thing in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

It takes you from just thinking about having a website to actually having one that looks and feels like a professional built it!

Most “Tutorials” Tell You What To Do, But Never Show You HOW To Do It, Or What To Do Afterward

Lots of components that go into building a websiteI'm sure you've seen a ton of online tutorials that tell you the steps to build a website, right?

You just need a few things:

  • A Domain
  • Hosting
  • WordPress

Then the tutorial walks you through those processes using screenshots — and if you can follow them correctly, you end up with a WordPress website.


You are good to go…

Oh wait, hold up!

The process doesn't end there, though.  You see, there are over 30 steps involved, from buying that domain name to actually having a site worthy of being shared with real-life people.

And even if you've made it as far as installing WordPress…Do you know how to use it?


30 Day Website Building Challenge Testimonial

Even Hiring A Designer Won't Solve This Problem!

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to building a website is that they hire an expensive designer to do all of the work.

What happens after writing that big fat check

You now have a pretty website, but no clue how to add your own content or make your own changes.

That's What Makes The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge Different

Website Mockup for 30 day website building challengeIn The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge, I not only walk you through the whole process of creating your own blog, I show you how to use that website AND tell you why the things I show you are important.

I've been creating my own blogs for the last 5 years and have generated millions of dollars from them.

I am bringing you the unique perspective and behind-the-scenes knowledge I have gained over the years.

With more than 15 online courses under my “belt,” I have mastered the ability to make trainings that are easy to follow, for people at every level.

I break down complex processes into easy to accomplish, step-by-step actions.

During the next 30 days, you are presented with quick action steps that, combined, transform a blank website into a masterpiece.

It's just like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. You will be ready to spread your wings and fly at the end of our 30 days together!

30 Day Website Building Challenge Testimonial

“Websites promote you 24/7…No employee will do that!”

– Paul Cookson

How Does The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge Work?


What would happen if you got all of the lessons at one time?I mentioned before that there are more than 30 steps that go into building a website.  But, if I just listed off all 30 of those steps and told you to get to work, what would happen?

It wouldn't get done!

Because 30 steps is overwhelming and seems impossible


Every Day You Will Take ONE Action Step


Every day you will receive that day's action step.

You will receive an (optional) email with an overview of the challenge for the day, then you can log into the training page to complete that day's assignment.

Most days include video trainings that walk you through the process…And by walking you through, I mean I show you AND explain each step.  As if we were sitting down at the computer together to do the work.

30 Day Website Building Challenge TestimonialI keep the challenges formatted in a way that you don't get overwhelmed and the longer days are alternated nicely with the shorter days.

This leaves you the ability to catch up if needed, without having to spend hours at a time to do so.


30 Day Website Building Challenge Testimonial

Are You Willing To Commit To Building Your Own Blog In The Next 30 Days?

The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge Focuses On 7 Main Elements Of Starting A New Blog

example of finished website1. Before You Get Started

  • Establishing Your Perfect Topic
  • Deciding On The BEST Website Name

2. Creating Your New Site

  • Buying Your Domain
  • Choosing The Best Hosting
  • Installing WordPress To Your Site (What Makes Your Site Easy To Use)
  • Setting Up Your Premium Theme (What Makes Your Site Easy To Customize)
  • Changing Default Settings (Because Sometimes The Default Isn't Best)

3. Tools Used By The Pros To:

  • Set Up Your Spam Filter
  • Automatically Back Up Your Website
  • Share Social Media Easily
  • Make Your Site Load Faster
  • Keep Your Site Secure

4. Establishing Your New Brand

  • Finding Your Perfect Color Scheme
  • Creating A Brand Board (To Keep All Of Your Go-To Colors / Fonts)
  • Designing (And Installing) Your Own Logo
  • Designing (And Setting Up) Your Favicon (The Little Graphic Shown In Browser Tabs)
  • Setting Up Your Display Name (So Your Posts Don't Say Your Login Information)
  • How To Create Your Own Site Graphics For Blog Posts And Social Media
  • Customizing Your New Site's Colors

5. Awesome Content That Engages Your Readers

  • 3 Writing Prompts To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing
  • Designing And Writing The Perfect About Page
  • Setting Up Your Contact Page (And Contact Form)

6. Setting Up Your Email Essentials

  • Setting Up Your Domain Email (
  • Forwarding Your Email To Your Preferred Account (The Place You Get Emails Now)
  • Signing Up For An Email Service Provider (To Collect Email Addresses Of Readers)
  • Creating Opt-In Forms
  • Adding Opt-In Forms To Blog Posts
  • Creating A Follow-Up Email To Go Automatically To Subscribers (With My Template)
  • Adding An Opt-In To Your Side Bar

7. Misc. Essentials (The Stuff That Doesn't Fit Elsewhere, But Is Important Nonetheless)

  • Important WordPress Settings
  • How To Structure Your URLs
  • Website Disclaimers You Need & How To Write Them
  • Creating A Custom Footer For Your Site
  • Setting Up Your Site's Navigation Menu
  • Creating & Customizing Your Sidebar
  • Must-Do Ongoing Maintenance

Hi Jessica, this course comes in perfect timing.  I knew a few things about building WordPress websites, but not about blogging.

Boy, do you over deliver! I love the way you teach and you really have put a lot of thoughts in each step and the overall plan. I like that you tell us why and how we do the blog post and it preps us for future blog posts and paves the way for monetization.

Your instructions are very clear on paper and in the videos.  I like you break it down by day so that everything is digestible and pushing me forward. If I was left alone to do this, either I would feel super stressed out or it would take a long time.

Long story short, I think this is awesome and I highly recommend this course to other people who want to build a blogging site. You are a great teacher!

Shirley Kwan

Special Needs Working Mom

What's Included With This Challenge?

Step-By-Step Videos

You get access to more than 30 step-by-step training videos. When you have to complete an action, I show you how to do it and explain the thought process behind it. All videos are done in “over the shoulder” screen share.


Printable Worksheets

You get worksheets that you can print out to complete some of the exercises. These will help you to brainstorm your content and website's purpose.

Instant Access To All Modules

You receive instant access to all of the steps in this course.  That means you can go through the challenge as quickly or slowly as you would like.  Want to do 5 steps in 1 day?  No problem!

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime access to the challenge training.  If you ever need to reference how to do something, or even want to create a brand new blog, you can come back to the course at any time.

60-Day Guarantee

You can give yourself a full 60 days (twice as long as needed) to go through the course. If you decide that the teaching style or content is not what you were expecting, you can request a full refund. No hurt feelings!


1 FREE Month Of Convert Kit

This is the email service provider I recommend, and you will get one full month to test it out while getting your site set up 🙂

This is a $29 Value

Free Copy Of Divi Theme

I have paid for the rights to share the Divi Theme with you.  This will give you a fresh install of the theme we use throughout the course.  Any future updates will need to be paid for through Elegant Themes.

$89 Value

When I originally started, I felt super excited. It was a spur of the moment sign up and I hadn't thought much about doing a blog prior to the first day.

I had no idea about all the things that go into a blog – kind of like having my first child.  The more I learn, the more I realize that I didn't know squat.

Bottom line, I think this workshop is absofreakinlutely awesome and I'm really glad you had the foresight to make it a nuts and bolts website build. I feel like once I get the blogging and message down, I'll be golden because the website is so solid and professionally prepared.

Jessica, you are a very clever woman.

Rebecca Hooper

An Oregon Coast Garden

Now, You must be thinking…What's this all gonna cost me?

If you wanted to hire a designer to complete all of the elements you will be doing during the challenge, it would cost you a minimum of $2,000 – $5,000.

You see, most designers stop at the “bones” of the pages and you are left to fill in the blanks!

So, to have someone willing to add in all of the elements for you, it's going to cost extra…

And then, you wouldn't even know how any of it works!


The Cost Of The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge Is JUST $97


I know! Other courses teaching you to do LESS are charging upwards of 10x as much as The 30 Day Blog Building Challenge!

But I've got your back…

And my teaching comes from the experience of running blogs that have generated millions of dollars in income!

Ready to get started?

You can start the challenge at any time, and all of the content is available on day 1.

Buy the Blog Building Course Now for $97

This course is amazing. I had already started building a website on my own but was stuck on all of the details that can get overwhelming.  I decided to scratch what I had and start over.  Jessica's course totally transformed my site and was so easy to follow along with. I have close to zero technical experience, but the steps are manageable and it's amazing to see what gets accomplished in 30 days.

Karin Crompton

Two Favorite Parts

Still Have Questions?  Check The FAQ's…

Are There Other Expenses During The Course?

Yes, there are a few things you will need to purchase in order to move forward with your site building process.

  1. Website Hosting / Domain Name
  2. Premium Theme (I give you access for free but you would need to pay for upgrades)
  3. Email Service Provider (I also give you one month free here)

Altogether, these will cost under $200.

What Kind Of Support Will I Get?

This is a DIY course.  So, there is not any one on one assistance available.

What Will My Site Look Like When I'm Done?

All students are following a similar formula to create their sites, but they all end up being unique.

The demo site created during the training, is:

Nothing on that site was done outside of what is covered in the challenge.  So if you see it there, you will be able to recreate it on your own site!

You can also view the sites of some of our students who have shared in testimonials above.

What If I Have Already Started My Blog?

This challenge was created for people who are starting from scratch.  I follow a very specific formula and it will not work if you already have something in the works.  If this is you, I would suggest either deleting what you have already, or working with a designer to fix what you have now.

Can I Sell Products From The Site I Build?

The site we are creating is a blog / information site.  We do not set up a shopping cart or product pages.  You can add those elements to your site after completing the challenge, but I will not be able to walk you through that process inside of this 30-day challenge.